Born October 7th, 1964.
Based in San Diego, California USA

I like to mix up outer space with inner space; undersea and above the sea,
collage elements, and patterns. It's nature with a psychedelic tint.

Since moving to San Diego in 1986, I have found endless inspiration in the coastal region and desert as well as in all things nostalgic.

In my work I am not trying to convey a specific message, rather I am just trying to establish balance, To set the viewer at ease and encourage new thinking and contemplation........ mind expansion.

We are living in amazing times. Social media and the internet have allowed artists of every genre to express themselves and share what they do, the result is amazing unfettered growth in every genre imaginable. I am inspired every day by what I am seeing, as well as the ever-changing nature around me.

"These scenes of contemplative psychedelia are certainly not of this earth, but have a definite everyday peace about them as if seeing nature scenes from another dimension."
- Found



The Art Institute of Colorado, Denver
Advertising Design

Public Art:

Escapology-Belmont Park, Mission Beach, San Diego
The Crack Shack restaurant, Little Italy, San Diego, CA, Encinitas, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, Century City, Los Angeles, CA
FLOWERSCOPE Billboard, G st. and 7th, San Diego, OpenWallsProject 2015
-Green Acre Restaurant, and Nautilus 3 Science Center, La Jolla, CA
-Green Acre 2 Restaurant, and UCSD's Medical Research Center at Campus Point, La Jolla, CA
-Farmer & Seahorse Restaurant and Alexandria at Torrey Pines Science Center
La Jolla, CA
-2014 ART SAN DIEGO, art fair, 60' Mural

Solo Exhibitions:
2016: CM Curatorial, San Diego, CA
2014: Visual Gallery, San Diego, CA
2011: Bar Basic, San Diego, CA
2004: Playa Gallery, San Diego, CA
2003: Playa Gallery, San Diego, CA
2000: The Plush room at the Key Club, LA, CA
1994: Insight '94, San Diego, CA

Group Exhibitions:
2017: CM Curatorial, San Diego, CA
2013: ART SAN DIEGO 13 (San Diego Art Fair)
2010: Project X Gallery, Solana Beach, CA
2010: Dragon Fly Gallery, San Diego, CA
2009: Beyond the Border International Art Fair, Del Mar, CA
2009: Paint Night Group show, The Art of Framing, San Diego, CA
2009: Paint Night Group, University and 31st, San Diego, CA
2008: Limbo Gallery, San Diego, CA
2007: The 3rd Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2006: Apex Art, New York, New York
2005: 3060 Gallery, San Diego, CA
2005: Limbo Gallery, San Diego, CA
2005: Gallerie L'Art International, Solana Beach, CA
2004: 3060 Gallery, San Diego, CA
2003: Limbo Gallery, San Diego, CA
2003: 3060 Gallery, San Diego, CA
2002: Sushi Gallery, San Diego, CA
2002: Playa Gallery, San Diego, CA
2001: The Lyceum, San Diego, CA
1998: Around the Coyote Arts Festival, Chicago, IL
1997: Purple Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1997: Basile Gallery, San Diego, CA
1996: Intersection Gallery, San Diego, CA
1992: San Diego Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Yokohama, Japan