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Art Pulse Interview
Media Arts Center Interview with Horacio Jones

Public Art

La Jolla Cow Parade
"Rabbitville" for San Diego's 150th anniversary of it's Gaslamp District


Modern Luxury's Riviera Magazine (San Diego) December 2014
Riviera Magazine 2014
Riviera Magazine 2013
Modern Luxury's Riviera Magazine, San Diego July, 2015
ECOR 60' "Serpentine Wall" ART SANDIEGO 2013
Blair Deck Images in England's Daily Mail (Distribution 6 Million)
Los Angeles Times W Deck
San Diego Union Tribune on 2002 Sushi Gallery show
San Diego Magazine 2007
Author Eleanor Bluestein's words on Typewriterhead 3 Collage
New York Times Review of W Deck
San Diego City Beat 2009
San Diego City Beat Cover Art
W Deck on Graham Norton Effect, Comedy Central
Rooster Zebra Contemplating Grilled Cheese Sandwich, first instance of "Picture Unrelated" MEME
The Crack Shack, Restaurant mural as seen in San Diego's City Beat Magazine
San Diego Gaslamp District's Rabbitville